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SMS Marketing

Bulk messaging offers the best reach and lowest costs for SMS marketing, connecting you with your customers, whenever and wherever they are, allowing you to provide relevant information, and receiving an immediate response.

SMS Marketing
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  • Lazparking
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  • Indigo payments
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SMS API Platform
Fastboy nails customer service with help from Plivo SMS marketing

Utilizing the Plivo SMS API, Fastboy’s GoCheckin app provides appointment reminders and marketing messages to over 10,000 beauty salon customers across the globe.

SMS API Platform
Why Use SMS for Marketing?
Why use SMS

SMS marketing is immediate, ubiquitous, and mobile-first, which makes it very effective for reaching customers. SMS marketing also allows you to be ultra-relevant to your customers, reaching specific people at specific moments. You can harness the transactional power of SMS marketing to build an opt-in audience and facilitate purchases as well as build awareness of a brand or an issue. By integrating SMS marketing with other marketing tools, including social media, events, email, and sales promotions, you can increase the effectiveness of your entire marketing program.

7 SMS Marketing Use Cases for Your Business
Businesses use texting for a variety of purposes and marketing is one important application. Here are seven of the top SMS marketing use cases.
  • Promotional offers and coupons
  • Order confirmations and information
  • User surveys or review requests
  • New product or service notifications
  • Cart abandonment reminders
  • New blog or content updates
  • Customer service or support responses
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Top 3 reasons customers choose Plivo

Before You Hit Send — Plivo’s Guide to SMS Marketing Beyond the Message

Before You Hit Send — Plivo’s Guide to SMS Marketing Beyond the Message

There’s more to SMS marketing than what appears on the screen. Plivo has been sending SMS for over a decade on behalf of clients such as Byju’s, Zomato, and Mercado Libre. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the different types of SMS content, available number types, and some regulatory pitfalls to avoid.

background-image Before You Hit Send — Plivo’s Guide to SMS Marketing Beyond the Message
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Find out more about why Plivo is the number one Twilio alternative for SMS marketing.

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