Financial Service Communication Voice and SMS APIs

Thousands of companies use Plivo’s global cloud communications platform and voice and messaging APIs to power their business engagement platforms, including banks, fintechs, trading platforms, and payments businesses.

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Why do financial service businesses rely on
Plivo APIs for communication?
Benefits of SMS and voice communications
for financial services
  • Enhance customer communications
    • Send bulk SMS for required disclosures, market holiday notices, and research reports.
    • Send alerts in the event of technical outages or market movements.
    • Personalize customer experiences with notifications for things such as low balances, overdrafts, margin calls, and suspicious activity on accounts.
  • Improve security and enhance office efficiency
    • Protect private information by requiring two-factor authentication and one-time passwords for financial transactions, including those delivered via mobile apps.
    • Give incoming callers access to IVR menus that accept both DTMF and speech input.
    • Keep staff updated on hours, policies, and other information.
Personalize patient engagement and experiences
Plivo APIs for banks, fintechs, and other financial businesses
Join other financial services businesses that trust
Plivo for their communications
“With Plivo as the solution, we can provide fast, uninterrupted, and stable processes for our customers.”
Eden Amirav, CEO and Co-founder, Become
“One of most reliable platforms in the market. Our customer success and collection team have been in awe of the clarity the call API provides. [We also] communicate with customers over SMS campaigns and it has been a wonderful experience.”
“For almost five years, we’ve relied on Plivo for high-quality global calls with customers, totaling more than 6 million minutes. Its reliability and ease of use is a boon to our agents, and it helps us reach our goals of fulfilling the lending needs of SMBs.”
Eden Amirav, CEO and Co-founder, Become

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