Brand Guidelines

A guide to Plivo’s visual identity standards
Here’s how to use our logo correctly
Primary Logo
Our primary logo is gray and green on a plain white background. We also include two options for monotone colors.
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White on Plivo Green background
White on Plivo Blue background
Monotone White on Black
Monotone Black on White
Logo usage
These logos are the trademarked property of Plivo, Inc. Avoid using our name, logo, or screenshots in a manner which may be confusing or misleading, or suggests sponsorship, endorsement, affiliation, or partnership with Plivo. Do not alter the logo.

Contact for questions or written permission for use beyond the scope laid out above.

Brand colors
Primary colors for our brand
Primary Pallete
Plivo Green
Plivo Black
Plivo Blue
Plivo Logo
Product icons
Our icons are simple, to help the design and communication be easily understood.
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Plivo's font is dynamic, fresh, and contemporary, just like our products.
Soleil is a sans-serif geometric font with a twist of asymmetry in its circular letters. The letter shapes imply fluidity and clarity, helping to move away from traditional rigid geometric structures and be more exploratory with modern ideas. Use Soleil in our marketing website, console user interface, and marketing collaterals.
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Semibold
  • Bold
  • Extrabold