Client SDK

Integrate voice calling within your web and mobile. Available for iOS and Android apps.

Voice API Platform
Build rich user experiences with voice communication
Integrate in-app voice calling seamlessly with our native SDKs. Enable users to connect between devices (browsers or mobile app) or with any phone number across 190+ countries.
  • Easy Development & Integration
    Adding voice call capability within your web and mobile apps has never been easier using the Browser (javascript) or Mobile (native Android and iOS) SDKs with just a few lines of code.
  • Best Voice Quality & Global Reach
    Build advanced contact center experiences with functions like assisted/warm transfer or simply cold transfer.
  • Simple Pricing & No Hidden Charges
    Use Plivo's Client SDK at no upfront cost and only pay per minute to make and receive voice calls within your web and mobile applications.
Faster Time to Market
What can you build with Plivo's Client SDKs?
  • In-app Voice Calling
    Build voice services into your app and connect your users with your support or sales teams.
  • Modern Contact Center
    Power agents to make and receive calls from a browser with click-to-call that enables great customer experiences.
Faster Time to Market
Faster Time to Market
  • Custom Mobile Dialer
    Build a customized mobile dialer and connect your users to call each other or any regular phone number across 190+ countries.
  • Conference Calls
    Seamlessly enable conference calling via your app or Plivo phone numbers for omnichannel communication.
Client SDK Compatibility
Browser SDK
Embed high quality VoIP calling to your web applications with our native Javascript SDK.
  • Connect to any device
    Connect users with other devices using the SDK or any other regular phone number.
  • Multi Browser Support
    Browser SDK abstracts the differences across Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, to provide a consistent interface.
  • Great audio quality
    Works using OPUS codec, providing best-in-class reliable audio even in poor network conditions.
Faster Time to Market
Faster Time to Market
Mobile SDK
Add voice calling within your iOS and Android apps using our native mobile SDKs which are optimized for battery life.
  • Hardware and device abstraction
    Inbuilt features like Pushkit and underlying hardware abstraction provide a consistent experience on each device.
  • Optimized for performance
    Multiple optimizations within the Mobile SDK ensure low battery consumption and best-in-class performance even with limited processing power.
  • Reliable voice quality
    Experience great call quality with best-in-class OPUS codec along with built-in Echo cancellation & gain control.
Pay-as-you-go Competitive Pricing
Make and receive Client SDK (Browser, Mobile) calls at $0.0030/min