Two-Factor Authentication With Plivo SMS and Voice APIs

Use one-time password authentication via SMS and Voice to secure your applications.

  • Workday
  • Lazparking
  • Greyhound
  • Fareway
  • Indigo payments
Fast & Reliable Global User Authentication
Plivo’s robust API platform and reliable global carrier network connectivity deliver consistently high conversion rates for your 2FA SMS and Voice calls.
  • Fire and Forget API
    • Automatic source number selection from Short Codes, Toll-Free, Long Codes and Alphanumeric Sender IDds based on country, carrier availability, and conversion stats.
    • Automatic fallback to Voice calls upon unsuccessful SMS delivery.
  • Dedicated Carrier Routes
    Carrier connections optimized for quick delivery of verification codes over SMS and Voice calls at scale.
  • Conversion Based Routing
    • Conversion Feedback API to facilitate real-time reporting of successful verification outcomes programmatically.
    • Dynamic routing of SMS messages and Voice calls based on Conversion Feedback for high delivery rates.
Fast & Reliable Global User Authentication
Fraud Protection Features You Can Trust
Platform features purpose-built to reduce the risk of fraud.
Fraud Protection Features You Can Trust
  • Reach Management With Geo-Permissions
    • Control the list of destination countries to which SMS and Voice calls can be made from your Plivo account.
    • Disable reach to high- risk countries where you do not have users.
  • International Toll-Fraud Protection
    • Manage connectivity to global high- risk premium numbers prone to International Toll Fraud attacks.
    • Maintain your own destination number blacklists on Plivo for greater control.
  • Pattern Based Alerts
    • Fraud alerts triggered from unusual SMS or Voice activity on your Plivo account.
    • Receive alerts when delivery rates drop significantly due to increased messaging to invalid or unallocated phone numbers.

2FA That Fits Seamlessly Into Your Product UX
Establish brand identity and personalize communication to match the user’s locale.
  • Brand Name As Sender ID
    • Display your brand name as the Sender ID on SMS messages.
    • Plivo facilitates Sender ID pre-registration with local operators across the globe, directly from the console.
  • Extensive Language Support
    • Send SMS messages in any world language.
    • Play voice prompts on calls in over 25 world languages with advanced Text-To-Speech APIs.
Get Started With Phone-Number Based 2FA In Minutes