Destination Number Validation

Using Enhanced Destination Number Validation, you can identify invalid and non-SMS enabled destination numbers and fix incorrect formats of destination numbers. This capability will result in better delivery rates and a better end-user experience.

This feature brings multiple benefits:

Cost Saving

Messages won’t be delivered to invalid destination numbers, which means they won’t be charged for. This presents cost-savings straight away.

Synchronous Handling for Invalid Numbers

SMS API requests to invalid and not-SMS enabled numbers will be rejected with a 400 Bad Request API response. As a result, customers will now be able to propagate the invalidation error upstream easily. Let us take the example of an OTP use case to illustrate the above:

Step 1: End-user requests for OTP on an invalid destination number.

Step 2: The customer initiates a Send SMS API request.

Step 3: Plivo returns 400 Bad Request response synchronously.

Step 4: The customer displays an ‘invalid number’ error to the end-user.

Format Correction for Phone Numbers

The platform also intelligently reformats the incorrectly formatted phone numbers. For example:

Scenario 1: If the user enters the Lithuanian number 370860112345, it is reformatted to the E164 international format +37060112345 before being forwarded to downstream carriers. Notice the missing 8 in the formatted number; 8 is only required when dialing a Lithuanian number from inside Lithuania.

Scenario 2: If the user enters the Mexican number 520455512345678, it is reformatted to the E164 international format +5215512345678. Notice that 045 has been replaced with 1, this is because 045 is only to be used when dialing a domestic cellphone from a landline, whereas 521 is the prefix for mobile phone numbers in E164 format.

Enabling Destination Number Validation

All new Plivo customers will have Enhanced Destination Number Validation for SMS enabled by default.

Existing customers can enable Enhanced Destination Number Validation for SMS from the SMS Settings page of the Plivo Console.

Destination Number Validation

Note: Landlines in the US, Canada, and the UK can be enabled for SMS. Therefore, Plivo will not reject SMS messages to landline numbers in these countries.