Luxer One ensures special occasions remain special with prompt package notifications.

With over 13 years in the locker business, Luxer One has managed millions of package deliveries across industries. Their mission? To relentlessly improve how the world receives goods. Luxer One had been using email for its package delivery notifications. Spurred by rapid growth and exponential bump in customer notifications, they knew they needed a better way to reach recipients. SMS, which reaches 97% of people in the US and with 98% open rates, was the ideal solution.

Being able to communicate with our residents and our customers is very important,” says Doug Belew, Director of Engineering at Luxer One.

With this in mind, they initially choose a large SMS API provider to implement their SMS program. About a year and a half ago, the company discovered a problem with their SMS program.

  • Luxer One experienced blips when some of their messages weren’t getting through.

  • About once a month, the company would experience a complete channel failure caused by blocked phone numbers.

  • Without SMS, a lot of packages including time-sensitive items like groceries and gifts sat uncollected in lockers.

We’re sending Millions of SMS text messages every month. If something goes wrong with SMS, and we're not able to communicate with our customers, that is a disaster." says Doug.


The Right SMS for a Unique Job

Belew went in search of a new provider and quickly found Plivo. “The rapid response was great,” said Belew.

Plivo focuses on SMS and voice communication and has a direct relationship with carriers. Due to this approach, it was better able to diagnose the deep-rooted problem and find a solution.

Furthermore, it was also less expensive. Plivo’s solution ended up costing Luxer One half the cost of their previous solution.

Adapting the code ​to use Plivo alongside their existing solution took about 12 hours. Actually integrating Plivo into Luxer One’s application was faster still; it only took a few hours of work.

We were able to swiftly make changes on our existing code base and plug in the Plivo API. The experience was seamless.

Plivo introduced an “​application-to-person SMS​ solution” that allows both message variety and high throughput — without risk of getting flagged. Plivo also helped Luxer One navigate the rules and best practices of the carriers. The two companies acted as partners, crafting and testing Luxer One’s content to make sure its messages got to the right place.


Happy Customers, Confident IT Team

In the 18 months since Luxer One implemented Plivo’s solutions, Luxer One has experienced improved customer satisfaction as a result of dramatic improvements in message delivery. Plivo’s API is now an essential part of Luxer One’s DNA, automatically handling millions of messages to thousands of end-customers.

The feedback has been positive, said Belew. luxer one Customer satisfaction has been excellent since we've had Plivo deliver our SMS, he said. Belew also said he appreciates that Plivo didn’t let Luxer One fall by the wayside.”

What has been best about working with Plivo? “The reliability of the message delivery has been great,” he said. “That’s probably the number one thing, and then second is Plivo’s responsiveness. If anyone needs an SMS solution, I would definitely recommend Plivo.”

Luxer One depends on a smooth and automated message-delivery process, and Plivo delivered. As a result, birthdays are saved and clean clothes are received. Luxer One simplifies the process of receiving a package, and with Plivo, makes sure the customer is kept aware of every step of that journey. The packages and the messages that accompany them end up where they’re supposed to, right on time.

Luxer One ensures special occasions remain special with prompt package notifications.

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About Luxer One

Luxer One specializes in the secure delivery and pick-up of goods. The Luxer One team started innovating 24/7 automated locker solutions in San Francisco in 2005 as ​Laundry Locker.​ Today, with almost one-third market share, they are the leaders in package locker solution.



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Sending a high volume of dynamic text without causing carriers to misinterpret any of the messages as spam or promotional content.


An application-to-person SMS that allows both message variety and high throughput — without risk of getting flagged as SPAM.


A more improved package collection experience and jump in customer satisfaction with consistent SMS delivery over 99%.